Saturday, June 9, 2012

30 Days of FUN!

 1. Fly a Kite. Look in the forecast for a windy day. Go to the store and let your kids pick out a pretty kite they like. Then when the day comes, take them outside, maybe to a park. Have fun teaching your kid how to fly a kite.

2. Bake cookies or a cake. Baking is a great way to bond with your kids and teach them about cooking. Let them pick out what they want to make. Its real fun when you let them decorate it a certain way. Enjoy the goodies!

3. Build a fort.Gather bed sheets, covers, pillows, and chairs for this fort. Set up your chairs so your sheets can lay over them for a roof. Its loads of fun to try to make it more of a maze rather than a big open "tent".

4. Have a water balloon fight. Fill up tons of water balloons and put them into buckets to take outside. Get your bathing suits on and let the fun begin!

5. Lemonaid Stand. Have older kids set up a lemonade stand. Let them go with you to the store to get ingredients. Let them draw, color, or paint signs and set a price. Make sure you have an adult supervising at all times, just in case something happens.

6. Board Game Day. Play board games and cards all day.

7. Dollar Movie Day. Check out your town's theaters for summer dollar deals. Most theaters have dollar deals going on in the summer for kids movies.

8. Have a Picnic. Make sure you find a good day with no rain in the forecast. Have your kids make sandwiches and pick out side dishes you can take along. Go to the park, find a shaded area, spread your blanket out and set up your picnic.

9. Go Camping. Go to a local campground or even in your backyard. Set up a tent and cook dinner outdoors.

10. Catch fireflies. Stay up late one night past sundown. Take your kids outside and let them catch fireflies.

11. Pick Strawberries. Strawberries are grown all over. Take your kids out to a local strawberry farm and have them pick some. Maybe even take your strawberries home and make Strawberry Shortcake! YUMMY

12. Make Mudpies. A day or two after its rained and there is still some mud around is a great day for mud pies! Get old clothes out and have fun! Remember: Mud pies are not made for eating!

13. Paint. Have your kids paint a pretty picture that will be showcased on the fridge.

14. Make neaklaces. Buy string and beads for your kids to make necklaces to give away to friends, family, and keep some for their own.

15. Water Gun Fight. You can buy cheap water guns from any dollar store or Walmart. Get on your bathing suits and go at it, outside of course.

16. Make Smores. Look in the forecast for a day with a cool night when you can build a fire outside. Don't forget to buy your graham crackers, Hershey chocolate bars, and marshmallows.

17. Treasure Hunt. Get a small box and fill with coins or fake gold coins. Bury or hide the box somewhere. Then put together a treasure map or clues that lead them to a certain place then at that place have another map or clue that leads them to the next and so on.

18. Hide and Seek. All kids love to play hide and seek. So take this time to teach them if they don't already know how. It will be their new favorite game!

19. Tea Party. If you have girls you definatly need to have a tea party outside with a blanket down and real drinks and tea set.

20. Finger Painting. Finger painting is fun from age 1 to age 10! You might want to set newspapers down on the floor first.

21. Obstacle course. Set up chairs to run around, buckets to jump over, table to crawl under, string tapped to the wall in crazy webbed to crawl through, and a balloon at the end to pop.

22. Scavenger Hunt. Pick a few things you know you have around the house that are hidden or you can sort of hide them. Send them on the hunt to gather the items. Repeat with different items.

23. Blindfold the Cook. Put a blindfold around the kid playing. Get different candys, marshmallows, fruit, etc.. let them try each item and they guess what they are eating.

24. Penny Pitch. Draw circles on paper and try to toss pennys in the circles.

25. Kick the Disk. Use chalk to draw your boundaries. The farthest away would be 2 points, the next 3 points, and up to 5 into a pyramid with 5 being the top point. pyramid on both sides and in the middle a small "Dead zone" in between the two. Take lids of some sort to be the disk.

26. Photo Day. Let your kids use your phone or camera to take pics. Have a list of the pics you want them to capture. Plus 10 free pics of whatever they want to take. Could be a self picture, picture of something fun they like to do, picture of flowers, picture of trees, picture of an animal, picture of favorite food, ect..

27. Family Faces. Use paper plates as a head and let them choose the eyes, nose, hair.. Use grass, rocks, sticks, nuts, leafs, markers, tape, glue. Let them be the designer.

28. Go on a hike. Take your child to a local park or a place you know has trails through the woods. Hiking is a fun experience and good exercise.

29. Bobbing for apples. Put apples in a bucket and have the kids dive their heads down and bring as many apples up as they can in 1 minute.

30. Side walk fun. Get your kids some side walk chalk and let them go to town. Show them how to do hopscotch.

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